Karen Theusen


Karen Theusen uses texture and color to evoke emotion and movement in her work. The love of this creative process developed over the 25 years she produced murals and faux finishes for residential and commercial clients. Now she incorporates those techniques of layering heavy textures, paint glazes and at times imagery to her canvases. The Journey is different for each piece she paints; they evolve and are unique.

An illustrator of children’s books, magazines, and cards, Karen Theusen has been painting for more than 25 years. Experimentation with different styles, mediums, and subjects plays a vital role in keeping her artistic inspiration alive.

“Pablo Picasso is one of the many artists I admire and have been inspired by. He created works in such a variety of ways using form, color, and style. He once said he spent the rest of his life trying to see things as children did, pure and without preconceptions. I believe it’s the never ending ways to “see” things that keeps my artistic fire going.” – Karen Theusen