Tatyana Brown

Linocut Printmaker


INSTAGRAM @blackandwhitebybrown

Tatyana loves working in black and white because it gives character to the drawing while allowing her to focus on what the subject is expressing while leaving room for imagination. These black and white graphics – with the occasional splash of color – communicate passion for life and art. 

She received an extensive art education in St-Petersburg, Russia, and continues learn new techniques in multiple media.  An early love for drawing and a solid background as an architect play important roles in the direction of her artwork.  The architect leads her to create high contrast images and more simple prints, while the artist in her often leans toward embellishment and elaboration. 

She finds the process of creating work using printmaking techniques (wood and linoleum engravings, etching and aquatintslithography and silkscreen) to be very fascinating. Her aspirations lead me to new directions and insights. She loves working in black and white, because it gives so much character to the drawing and she can focus more on what the subject is expressing, always leaving room for imagination.

Tatyana currently lives in Seattle, Washington and is active in the Seattle Print Arts Association, COCA, Gallery One Visual Arts Center and ANT Gallery.

“I am a thinker, a romantic idealist, a pragmatic dreamer, complex but with simple needs. I’m in constant search for balance, beauty and harmony.  I’m growing and evolving through my art, depicting contrasting environments. Transformation is constant in my life and artwork.”   ​—Tatyana Brown