Melissa Ballenger – GlassMaker

Melissa Ballenger maintains a studio and private gallery in Washington’s beautiful Skagit Valley, creating both functional and decorative art made of kiln formed glass. Melissa is well known for her ability to produce a wide variety of art pieces from powders, frits, rods, stringers and sheets.  

Extensive international travel has taken root in her artwork as inspiration for many of her most notable pieces.  You can feel the twirl of Argentinean tango dancers elaborate skirts in her use of black and flashy dichroic contrasts in a wall mounted piece titled Visitor. One can almost smell the fresh scent of Bora Bora’s warm oceanic waters through her use of a luscious pallet of tropical colors. As you peruse Melissa’s collection, you will no doubt get a sense for the marble mosaics that adorn Singaporean train stations and the weathered houseboats drifting along Indonesian waters.

Melissa’s glass art has been exhibited internationally in collections throughout the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, South Africa and India.  In addition to her work being featured in a variety of juried shows and art festivals, Melissa has also worked to grow the glass fusion community, sharing her knowledge and methods though the Life Enhancement program at Wimberly College in Conroe TX, numerous workshops, and private lessons in her Skagit Valley studio.



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