Gallery North Re-Opens from COVID-19 with Dreams and Meditation Themed Three-Artist Show

Gallery North, long a favorite art destination in downtown Edmonds, is ushering in its post-pandemic presence with a three-artist show featuring unique views and reflections on local scenes and classic, dream-like colors.

Digital artist Anne Prather brings her vivid sense of color and composition to the idea of dreams and their relation to real life. “Dreams take us outside ourselves,” she says, adding that, “Especially after this winter, we all yearn to step beyond the purely mundane.”

Prather is joined by the husband and wife team, photographer Jeff Harrison and acrylic artist Jurate Harrison, whose work completes the theme of dreams and meditations with its compositional manipulation of concrete scenes to produce innovative and unique perspectives.

We invite you to visit our featured show in person or on our website, on display until June 30.