Joan Bowers – Photography With A Pinhole Camera

I found this scene to be a calm and inviting image on a bright sunny day. I like the combination of trees and water in the composition.

This was my second time out with my new Zero Image (6×9 Multi Format) camera, pinhole version. The format was set a 6×7,using Delta 100, exposure 3″. Film was processed by commercial lab, darkroom printed, minimal post-processing using Photoshop Elements 9.” — Joan Bowers

The photographs of Joan Bowers are contemporary examples of Pictorialism, an approach which emphasizes the beauty of the subject matter, rich and subtle tonality, soft focus, strong composition, and attention to process. The Pictorialism movement began in the late 19th century in opposition to Industrial Age demands for sharply-focused and impersonal pictures. It demonstrated that a photograph could be much more than just a scientific record of reality. Pictorialism established photography as a respected form of art and raised the role of the photographer from technician to craftsman. Through the use of silver gelatin prints, Bowers demonstrates many of the historical processes that emerged in the early nineteenth century and how they continue to evolve with new technology.

You can view Joan’s work at Gallery North which is open daily.

What is a pinhole camera?

Gallery North member Joan Bowers has used a variety of cameras to capture poignant images for professional display. Currently, she is working with a pinhole camera.

A pinhole camera is not a new invention. It has been around for centuries and its mechanical structure is simply a light proof box with a pinhole on one side and film or photo paper on the opposite side to capture the image that light brings through the tiny aperture.

This type of camera does not have a lens and the image is actually inverted when it reaches the back of the camera. It is, in fact, called a camera obscura and not unlike the devices used by artists and scientists in the 17th century.


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