Tom Saknit

With “Redacted Photography™” through color, motion and meticulous omission Tom plays with images and perception to highlight the imprecision of memory…and the joy of romanticized recollection.

Tom’s work begins with a photograph and through a subtle minimalistic approach, ends with an impression. The work is a fugue on his fascination with the unreliability of memory and the fight for clarity to recall the fleeting moments of a travelers journey. The work is systematically subjective, referencing recognizable form at its basic level and invites the viewer to fill in the lost spaces that punctuate the canvas.

As an artist, Tom is driven by the challenge to present an image…a memory… with as little information as possible, while still preserving impression and impact.

In the Pacific Northwest, Tom currently lives and works on pieces which he hope will work for you.


“I have always been drawn to unfinished work and the forms that are created in the transformative (and for me, magical) process that lies between concept and creation.” –Tom Saknit  

You can visit Tom’s website at www.