Peggy Jacobs

Lifetime Member Of Gallery North

Farewell To An Artist And Friend

Peggy Isaacson-Jacobs passed away early Sunday morning Aug 6, 2017 after a week stay at Evergreen Hospice Center in Kirkland. She was just two months shy of 99 years.

Peggy leaves behind a rich legacy of paintings, friendships and acts of generosity that have defined her as a remarkable individual artist and member of Gallery North.


A memorial service will be held for Peggy at Westgate Chapel in Edmonds on Saturday, September 23, 2017 at 1:00 p.m.



Peggy was a real trooper. She had amazing energy for painting.” 

–Shirley Palm (Gallery North Alumni)


“Peggy was one of the first to welcome me as a new member at Gallery North in Edmonds along about 1986.   Not only was I impressed with her beautiful paintings, but also with her ability to sell not only hers, but others work as well . She was a dynamo and a valued member there for many years.   I’ll always be grateful to her for her friendship and her mentoring along the way.”  

–Ruth Handewith (Gallery North Alumni)


“Peggy eagerly helped me become a member of Seattle Co-Arts and supported by membership at Gallery North. Her willingness to continue helping at the gallery in her early 90’s and her ongoing contributions were astonishing.”

–Janet Hawse (Gallery North Member) 




Peggy has often been described as a “people-person.” That combined with her love of art made her a natural mentor and supporter of those who were just starting their art careers.  With her bubbly personality and inviting enthusiasm, Peggy made many friends and acquaintances. For Peggy, her greatest reward was meeting all the wonderful people she encountered during her art career.  








Peggy’s professional affiliations included: Seattle Co-Arts, Women Painters of Washington, Northwest Watercolor Society, and Gallery North.