Leah Rene Welch

Painter (Acrylic, Oils, Pastels)


Edmonds painter Leah Rene Welch ​Leah creates lively and expressive oil and pastel paintings. She started drawing before she could even tie her shoes. As early as the fourth grade a very astute and caring teacher, Mr. Albeck at Adams Elementary in Ballard, arranged for her to attend a summer program at Cornish School for the Arts. This challenging experience propelled her to experiment artistically.

Now Leah often experiments with non-traditional art-making tools and surfaces, sometimes using kitchen utensils or her fingers to apply paint, and using copper or highly-textured painting surfaces. She says, “I’m inspired by a good challenge. I enjoy figuring out how to use a new medium or technique. Sometimes stumbling upon a new color can keep me going for weeks.”

“The most rewarding part of working as an artist is the connection I make with people through art.” – Leah Rene Welch