Gallery North Newsletter

November 2019

Saying farewell…

Phil Carrico and Tom Saknit

Life in the cooperative gallery is an ebb and flow. At the end of December, we will be saying farewell to Phil Carrico and Tom Saknit as their work takes them in new directions. For the next two months, however, they remain part of our collection…and we hope they will become part of yours.  Fare well, Friends.

About Gallery North: In operation for more than 55 years, Gallery North is one of the longest running artist-run cooperative galleries in the nation. It continues its mission to promote and sell local art in the heart of downtown Edmonds. Open 7 days a week, Gallery North is located at 401 Main Street, Edmonds, Washington. For further information, visit the website at

Free Art? What’s the catch? : We call it the Peoples Choice Award. Drop by the gallery and ask to vote. Fill out a short form and chose your favorite piece in the gallery. At the end of the month, one name is randomly drawn from the votes. The winner is contacted to come pick up a piece donated by one of our talented artists. 

October’s  Peoples Choice: Mary Bess Johnson’s “White Lettuce”

White Lettuce gets its beautiful color from the algae that it eats then keeps alive inside its body. The algae needs sunlight to make food, so the sea slug lives in shallow water. In exchange for providing a protected home, the algae shares some of its energy with the sea slug.


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