Gallery North Newsletter

April 2019


Resurrection Inventions
Featuring Anne Harlan Prather



This April Gallery North will host “Resurrection Inventions,” the vivid photography and bold fractal designs of resident artist Anne Prather. The show will include a wide variety of photographic subjects as well as unique and colorful computer-generated two-dimensional artwork.

Anne, who is legally blind, underwent cataract surgery and regained partial vision in one eye. She was then able to see textures and became fascinated with them. This fascination is reflected in her richly textured photographs of mountains, plants, and flowers.

“Wing Sisters” by Anne Harlan Prather

Anne’s interest in fractal design came from her career as a botanist and quantitative geneticist. She became intrigued with graphs and fractal images where one shape is repeated infinitely as its size diminishes. “It’s like a spiral in a spiral in a spiral and so on to infinity. I wanted to know if I could create this type of design using a computer program,” said Anne. Success came with the software Xenodream which Anne uses to produce her stunning fractal images.



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