February: Twin Stars

Gallery North Presents Tatyana Brown and Irina Kirienko Milton

Tatyana Brown is a member of Seattle Print Arts, COCA and A/NT gallery regularly showing her art throughout Seattle area and participating in numerous art shows and competitions.

Making art is pure passion for me! It’s messy, fluid, sexy and joyful! I am in constant search for beauty, balance and harmony in my life and art.Transformation is a perpetual theme and I find inspiration from nature, my dreams and travel.

“Working in black and white is my favorite because it gives so much character to the drawing while allowing me to focus on what the subject is expressing, leaving room for imagination. These black and white graphics with occasional splashes of of color communicate my passion for life and art!”

Irina Kirienko Milton is a Signature Member of American Women Artists and National Oil & Acrylic Painters Society. 

Irina Kirienko Milton as an explorer life and art, which leads to her unique perspective. She always seeks to see new aspects of her subjects that she can incorporate into her artwork. Irina explores the human condition, human-made objects, and natural world in all its manifestations. She pushes the limits of what is possible in her painting, seeking challenges, and learning from the experience.

Irina is a highly educated professional artist. With 20 years of teaching.  Her education includes Master’s of Fine Art and Master’s degree in Engineering. Irina’s artwork displays a fundamental element of classical realism, muster craftsmanship, and attention to detail through a highly developed execution of technique.

The public is invited to come Gallery North and meet the artists and enjoy refreshments on February 4th from 1pm to 4pm, during the Edmonds Art Walk on February 16th from 5pm to 8pm.






Avoiding Public Spaces?

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