Leanna Leitzke

Painting (Acrylic)


Lena Leitzke has been painting since she was a very young child. As a self-taught artist discovering art’s secrets on her own, her journey has been a little harder, but she has found the learning process to be very exciting. Lena works in oils, acrylics, and oil pastels, painting everything from miniature to large-scale works.

​Lena has exhibited her artwork in many juried shows receiving a number of awards including “Best of Show”. Her work is in collections in London, Paris, and throughout the United States.

“Every-day experiences make an impression on me and inspire me to paint. When I watch a dance performance, go hiking, or watch my family’s travel videos, I immediately want to express the feelings these experiences awaken in me. I enjoy when people respond to my artwork; it energizes me to keep going and to paint more.”   –Leanna Leitzke