Mary Bess Johnson


Using techniques from the photographic studio, Mary Bess seeks to bring back to dry land the mystery and drama of the undersea world.

Every adventure under the water’s surface can be a treasure hunt to discover delicate plants and animals of fanciful color and design. Without artificial light, the murky depths may look like a drab and gloomy place, but shine a beam on some dreary-looking lump and it reflects a fairyland of color: reds, yellows, greens and blues.

Some of the tiniest plants and animals are the loveliest; fragile and intricate. Getting close enough to capture an image is exciting. Inspecting the vignettes at leisure is equally satisfying and reveals minute details. It is this delicate beauty that keeps Mary Bess returning to the sea in search of new treasures.

“My undersea images are intended to share the sense of serenity and beauty I experience while floating in the watery wonderland.” -Mary Bess Johnson