This Month’s Featured Exhibition

 November 2019

“Land & Sea”

by Mary Bess Johnson and Penny Berglund

Artist’s Reception

Sunday, November 10th , 1-4 PM

In November, Gallery North will feature “Land & Sea” with Mary Bess Johnson and Penny Berglund Exhibiting Undersea Photography and Pottery.


Gallery North’s November exhibit features treasures that could be found at the site of an ancient shipwreck: hand wrought pottery surrounded by brightly colored underwater scenery. Meet potter Penny Berglund and undersea photographer Mary Bess Johnson at the Gallery North artists’ reception on Sunday, November 10, from 1 PM to 4 PM and during Edmonds’ Third Thursday Art Walk on November 21, from 5 PM to 8 PM.


Mary Bess has been taking undersea photographs since the early 1970s. She was fascinated to discover that undersea creatures which appeared as dark shapes or mere sparkles of light when seen by peering over the side of a dock or boat were often brightly colored when photographed with strobe lights. Her photography exhibition draws from three of Mary Bess’s bodies of work: Butterfly and Angel Fish, Sea Stars, and Abstractions: a collections of less familiar sea dwellers.


Mary Bess is committed to sharing her undersea experiences with her dry land

friends.  She includes fascinating tidbits about the undersea world on greeting cards. Sea-life themed regulation-size playing card decks can double as field guides to the identification of marine creatures.


“I want my photographs to allow people to appreciate the colors, textures and delicate structures of undersea dwellers.” – Mary Bess


Penny Berglund draws spiritual nourishment from Eastern Washington’s desert vastness. Her work is stunning when viewed from a distance but its true beauty is revealed in the details when inspected more closely.


“Raw flood carved landscapes, cultivated fields, and towering cloud forms speak to me about the creative process for the earth itself. The colors and especially the textures have been important influences in my work.” – Penny Berglund 


Gallery North has been in operation for more than 55 years, one of the longest running artists’ cooperative galleries in the nation. It continues its mission to promote and sell local art in the heart of beautiful downtown Edmonds. Gallery North is located at 410 Main Street, Edmonds, WA and is open seven days a week. For further information, please visit the Gallery North website at or call the gallery at 425-774-0946.


The public is invited to meet the artists and view their extraordinary works at our Artist’s Reception 

Refreshments will be served, and the artists available to discuss work and techniques.

Artists will also be available for Art Walk Edmonds on Thursday, November 21 from 5:00 to 8:00 p.m.