September Feature: Redacted Photography



For the month of September Gallery North, Edmonds is pleased to host the return of Tom Saknit’s Redacted Photography.  Presenting 27 pieces from his new suite “On The Waterfront: Three Cities, One Vision” Tom takes us through three favorites, New York, San Francisco and Seattle. His unique approach to visual storytelling captures  the attention with a look of pen and ink illustration then, through the use of negative space, challenges perceptions of memory. His love of artwork in the process of creation (the developmental arc between blank canvas and completion) guided his creation of Redacted Photography.  Those who reflect on Tom’s images will also see the work as a reference to memory and memory loss, allowing his work to be at once excitingly interactive and thoughtfully meditative.

Says Tom, “I’ve always been intrigued by the inaccuracy of memory and how mere impressions in my memory are vivid expressions in yours. I’m surprised by a recollection of an event decades past, otherwise long forgotten, suddenly brightly illuminated. This work is an expression of my impression of memory, at once both a tattered gossamer fabric and a tangled skein.”

A lifelong photographer and digital cinematographer, imagery has been Tom’s passion for forty plus years.  Tom’s work can also be seen perpetually at Port Townsend Gallery, and A/NT Gallery, Seattle. For further information about Tom’s work, please visit his web or find him on Instagram @tomsaknit.

Due to COVID restrictions, there will be no formal reception with refreshments, however Gallery North will be open until 8 pm on the third Thursday (September 16) Edmonds Art Walk, at which you may meet the artists.




Avoiding Public Spaces?

In these uncertain times we understand if you are not comfortable joining us in person for our featured exhibit or other gallery events. If you see images here on our web site and would like to make a purchase, please feel free to phone us to make arrangements for your purchase and curbside pickup.  (425) 774-0946