Lonni Flowers, Painter

Lonni Flowers

Painter (Watercolors), Jewelry, Silk Scarves


Lonni’s colorful paintings display her love of plants and animals and draw the viewer into her imaginative creations. The artist paints in watercolor and acrylic and is always experimenting with new painting techniques. She also creates hand-painted silk scarves and unique jewelry creations. ” If a creative medium is colorful and fun, I will play in it,” says Lonni.

After earning her BA from Colorado State University, Lonni worked as Assistant Art Director for a television station, an Art Director in several advertising agencies, and then taught high school English for 20 years. Now she is a full-time artist and has been a watercolor instructor for 15 years. Lonni is originally from Central California, but was inspired several years ago to move to the Pacific Northwest.

“My favorite part of painting animals is capturing their individual personalities. When the piece is completed, if their painted eyes don’t speak to me, I will begin again.”   ​—Lonni Flowers