Roxanne Marlin

Painting (Acrylic)


Roxanne Marlin is an acrylic painter to turn the beauty around us to inspire and create. From an early age, Roxanne explored and created art. Both of her parents were artists and she was encouraged by her teachers to pursue her love of art within different mediums.  She creates in a contemporary impressionistic style capturing the essence of a scene rather than focus on a minute detail like a camera. Roxanne loves bright and bold colors and seeks to amplify and interpret nature’s splendor in her own style. She tries to infuse her work with energy and create happy, fun, and enjoyable paintings to look at. Roxanne strives for her work to convey and ignite a sense of joy.

Roxanne is a lifelong PNW artist having raised her sons here in Edmonds. She has painted murals around town and has juried work displayed at the Edmonds Art Festival.

“I’m drawn to the beauty around us and the “ordinary miracles” we see everyday.”   ​—Roxanne Marlin